Sunday, July 30, 2017

Random Summer Update

When you work in a school, everyone assumes you have all summer off, and just lay around for three months. That's not exactly accurate. My husband and I both work in schools, and this summer he's working three jobs and I am working two.  I know many educators (teachers, librarians, guidance counselors) and even if they don't work extra jobs in the summer, they're still going into school: cleaning, organizing, taking stock, learning new software and a variety of other tasks. The idea that we all retreat into beach homes and get daily hot stone massages is like a science fiction novel.

But I do consider myself lucky that one of my summer jobs comes with a considerable amount of down time. The other day, I managed to read Jacqueline Woodson's Brown Girl Dreaming in just one shift at the town beach. I put my feet up, drank Coke Zero, and just read.

And even though I haven't gotten to work on my dollhouses as much as I'd like, I have been making windchimes all summer long. I recently started a Storybook themed one, and I added a few more  pieces to it:

Can you guess which classic tales are represented by the new additions?

And a while back, I found some glass cups on the side of the road; I think they were part of a punch bowl set. My original idea was to paint them all, but I ended up using four of them in another windchime I started making:

So, nothing too exciting in this post- just glad to be my pseudo-hippie, tie-dyed, summer self.

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