Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Picturebook Project!

Cover Page

There was once a little girl.

She was willful and wayward, and she would never listen to her parents.

They told her to stay away from Mrs. Gertrude, but of course-

She did not.

When she arrived at Mrs. Gertrude's hut, Mrs. Gertrude asked her, "Why are you so pale?"

"I have seen some very frightening things here! I saw a BLACK man on your steps-

"That was a collier" said Mrs. Gertrude.

"Then I saw a GREEN man-

"That was a hunter" said Mrs. Gertrude.

Then I saw a man as RED as BLOOD!"

"That was a butcher" said Mrs. Gertrude.

"And then, when I looked in the window, I saw the devil himself with his head on fire!"

"Then you have seen my true form.
I have been waiting a long time for you"
said Mrs. Gertrude-


"There now, isn't that nice and cozy?"

This horrifyling little story is from the Grimm Brothers Juniper Tree collection. This project called for us to use to concepts of illustration from Molly Bang's book "Picture This" to create our own picturebook rendition of a fairy tale of our choosing.

We could only have 5 pictures and a cover page. We had to use as little text as possible and concentrate on the pictures. We were allowed to use black, white, one warm color and one cool color. We were not allowed to draw at all: ALL the pictures had to be cut from construction paper completely.

I chose the tale of Mrs. Gertrude because a) it's short b) the story provides some clue for colors (black, red, green men) and because I LOVE the ending of the story.

Little children BEWARE! Mrs. Gertrude has mastered the art of deception; she is not a kindly grandmother that will make you a mug of hot cocoa- she is going to turn you into a log!!!!

MWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!