Thursday, July 20, 2017

Another Little Cemetery

 During my morning drives for day-care drop-off duty, I noticed a tiny little cemetery on the side of the road, near a Mobil gas station.  A little while ago, I wrote about another little local cemetery which is outside of a Starbucks (formerly a Taco Bell), and how these little cemeteries are forlorn remnants of former lifetimes.

Yesterday I decided to stop at this cemetery and take a little look. Unlike the previous graveyard I blogged about, this one is pretty neglected. It doesn't have anything that indicates the name of the site, the weeds are almost as tall as the headstones, and the stones themselves are tipping over. One of the stones is so weather-worn that it's unreadable, and a couple are so obscured by the large, overgrown, privacy hedge that I wasn't able to squeeze in there to look.

So far, I haven't found very much information on this little resting place. It is called Hussey Cemetery, and several of the stones had that surname on them, so it's obviously an old family plot. The name has existed in Somersworth since at least 1766. There was a Hussey family that owned a farm on the outskirts of Dover, and Somersworth is right on the line of the two cities, so the placement makes sense historically.

They seem to be kind of forgotten, but with the weeds flowering up around them, they have a sad beauty.

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