Saturday, July 29, 2017

Applebees, but without the Happy Hour Specials

In my quest for forgotten cemeteries, I spotted one in Milton Mills recently. It's very easy to miss, because there is a stone wall around it, and a canopy of tall pines surrounding it, but I guess this ability must be a gift, or something. I didn't see a gate or entrance, so I had to climb over the stone wall in order to look around.

There were no markers denoting an official name for this little graveyard, but the stones that I was able to read had the surname Applebee:

That's not surprising since the road leading into Milton Mills is Applebee Road, obviously named after a family that  settled in the area early in the town's history. I did a little bit or research online, and it's Applebee Cemetery, officially, in the records. There are thirteen graves there.

Most of the stones were illegible, and or crumbling:

While I was trying to find out more about this little graveyard, I came across an article stating that Milton and Milton Mills, NH have 89 documented cemeteries! Given my interests in history and all-things-creepy, I guess I picked a good place to live!

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