Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mini Workshop

I did a little workshop today at the Dover Public Library. I met one of the children's librarians at the Maker Faire last year, and she contacted me a few months ago to see if I'd be willing to display some of my dollhouses there, and possible do a little workshop since the summer reading theme is Build a Better World.

I'm always happy to display my dollhouses, and even though I've never really done an official workshop before, I figured it'd be fun.

I was a little nervous today when it was time for the workshop, and there were no kids around, but after a few minutes,  one little girl came in. As I was showing her the houses and talking to her, a small a group of little girls gathered around, and they wanted to see what we were doing.

I showed them how to make tiny lollipops and jars of candy, how to cover a battery operated tea light candle with stones and twigs to make a working campfire, and how inexpensive supplies can be put together to make furniture.

Before I knew it, they were painting cardboard boxes, and getting their own ideas on how to make items. Two of the little girls were working on a Cinderella scene, and the little candy crafts inspired one of the other girls to do Hansel and Gretel.

I love being able to share this hobby, especially with kids. I love hearing their ideas, and seeing them try new things. There are a couple of dollhouses on display there right now, but later this month I am going to bring in the Harry Potter one to go along with the Harry Potter party they're having (to celebrate Harry's birthday).

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