Thursday, May 18, 2017

Preach a little gospel, sell a couple bottles of doctor good

After neglecting the dollhouses for a couple of months, I started getting back to them. Last week I was at Salvation Army, cruising for treasures, and I picked up a piece from a Christmas village set. It's not the usual, New England-type village with ice skaters and snowmen, it's from one of those sets that's meant to look like Bethlehem. I'm assuming it's supposed to be a rug seller's stall at market:

I had no interest in collecting the rest of the set, but I thought it'd be perfect to turn into a fairy house or gypsy hang out. And then a couple days afterwards, I was at Savers and  I found some little porcelain dolls that are about 1:12 scale so I scooped them up, too.

I finagled a little mattress out of some foam and leftover materials, and sat the little doll down, and gave her a pet kitten. I added a gold glitter banner with some extra flowers, and some lace to the sides of her tent to make it  a little more feminine. After all, it's supposed to be a bohemian love nest, so it needs lots of plush bedding and overstuffed pillows. She also has a little bedside table with some wine on it; I wish I had my own life-size version of this!

It's still a work in progress (that's pretty much my motto in life) but sometimes it's fun to have such a small little world to breathe life into with lots of accessories, the perfect character, and of course my own imagination.

And the whole time I'm working on this fun little scene, I'm singing this song:

Not in my head, either.

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