Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Geek Pride Day

With Star Wars Day tomorrow May the 4th (he he he) and Free Comic Book day on May 6th, and Geek Pride Day later this month (the 25th), the library's display this month is about embracing our inner geek.

I love that Geek Pride is a thing now, although to be honest, my geekiness for certain topics/activities was never really hidden away to begin with.

We have a large piece of poster paper on the wall outside the library, and markers so that anyone passing by can jot down what they "geek out" about. I wrote a couple of things down, but I couldn't help but wonder what my list would look like if I wrote them all down.

-dollhouses and miniatures

-antique vintage dolls and toys

-classic film (specifically, pre-code era and Golden Age of Hollywood)

-thrift stores/finding stuff on the side of the road

-New Kids on the Block


-books and tv/film adaptations of them

-children's literature (books obviously, but also the study of it and literary theories)

-author appearances/book signings

-ghosts/ghost stories/haunted places

-my blog

That's all I can think of for now.

Anyways, I love this Geek Pride trend because being a geek about something just means that we're passionate about something. What's the point of living without passion? I have a pretty diverse group of friends and they are all geeks about something: hiking, death metal, hockey, baseball, punk music, history, psychology, politics  .  .the list goes on and on. If someone is not a geek about anything at all, then I probably don't have a whole lot to talk to them about.

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