Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Clouds Illusions

Last night I took a painting class that was offered through Dover Adult Learning. I love to paint, but I've never been good at painting realistic scenes, so I always do abstract. But one of my New Year's resolutions this year was to try some different types of art, and this was a good opportunity to develop a new skill.

The course was called Paint Clouds Step-by-Step, and the description read:

"Whether stormy, or soft and fluffy, clouds are always an interesting subject to paint. Join us for a relaxing evening out as you learn step-by-step how to show the mood of clouds."

I figured that since clouds have no definite shape, this would be a good way to transition from abstract painting to realism.

The reason I love using acrylic paints is because they dry so quickly that it's easy to layer them without the colors running together. While I was in class, I kept thinking about the scene in Girl with a Pearl Earring in which the artists Johannes Vermeer asks Griet what color the clouds are. At first she answers "white" but then she considers them again, and answers "yellow, blue, and gray."

This scene in the film (and book) shows how painters accomplish the depth of color- by layering colors on top of each other. Last night was like a crash course in mixing colors and then layering them in order to achieve depth.

(sorry the photo is so blurry)

Last night I thought my clouds looked awful, like random splotches of paint, but looking at them again I think they look okay. I wish that my 'sunrise' looked a little better, but I've never been able to make nice horizons.

I also forgot to paint a door on the house, so I'll have to go back and add one.

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