Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Punky Power!

I was super excited when I got home from work today and discovered that my latest Amazon purchase had arrived. I bought the Punky Brewster graphic novel adaptation! For those of you who are too young, or not cool enough, to know who Punky Brewster is, here's a quick description:

Punky Brewster was a kids show that ran from 1984-1988. Punky Brewster is an adorable little scamp whose mother abandoned her at a grocery store, and subsequently ended up finding a new home with a grumpy middle-aged photographer Henry Warnimont. Her precocious nature and youthful energy won him over very quickly. She was portrayed by Soleil Moon Frye (yes, that is the actress's real name), and her sidekick was her dog Brandon.

She always wore the most colorful outfits, which of course led to a line of children's clothing and footwear. I remember having Punky Brewster sneakers:

I had to own this graphic novel, purely for nostalgia. I was also curious to see how the story, which is all 80's, might be updates or preserved for young readers in 2017.

I was glad to see that overall, Punky's story is preserved pretty well. There are some mentions of digital cameras (which kinda makes sense since Henry is a photographer, and now almost all photographers use them), and email,  Margaux uses her cell phone to snap a selfie, which rings true to that character, but the technology updates do not detract from the charm of the story.

The artwork doesn't quite capture the cheekiness of the show, but it will appeal to readers who enjoy books by Raina Telgemeier and similar graphic novels.

It's also good reading for 30 something women who want to reclaim a piece of their childhood.

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