Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A List of Cages

"What keeps you trapped? What keeps you from living the life you want? What keeps you from being free?"

This YA novel is told in the alternating POV of Julian and Adam.

Julian was a foster child in Adam's home after the sudden death of his parents, but the two have not seen each other since Julian left to live with his uncle.

When Adam is assigned to help Julian at school, part of his new gig as an assistant to the school's psychologist, it seems like a chance for a happy reunion. But Adam doesn't know that Julian is hiding. Hiding the welts on his body, hiding from the daily torment of kids at school by ditching class and sitting in a hidden room, hiding his dyslexia from his teachers, and hiding his feelings from himself.

A book that laces the horror of one teen's reality with the romance, friends and stability of another teen's life.

A good pick for fans of Eleanor and Park.

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