Monday, April 3, 2017

A Snowy Start to April

It's now April, but it looks like January outside. Not only did we have quite a bit of leftover snow already on the ground, but it started snowing again late on Friday, and continued ALL Saturday.

Since we couldn't really go outside, and I didn't really want to anyways, I found things to do in the house:

We moved this shelf upstairs, and I organized all the books on it.

Then I organized all my beads. The next time I want to
 make a wind chime, they'll be ready to go!

And since laundry is the never ending 
story, I also organized my tie dye.

One of the teachers at school sent me a link about making these fairy lanterns. They're so easy, and I already had all the supplies, so I've been making lots of them. 

I was working on a painting when John woke up from his nap and came looking for me. As soon as he saw what I was doing, he wanted to paint too. My wooden 'canvas' used to be a religious carving. It wasn't really my style, but I thought the lines and the different woods used to make up the image would look interesting as a foundation. This is what it looks like so far; I still have a few more steps to go.

And of course I started watching Thirteen Reason Why on Netflix. It's based on the 2007 YA novel by Jay Asher, and was adapted into a mini-series.

The book focuses on Clay. Clay's classmate Hannah committed suicide, and instead of leaving a regular note, she recorded her story on thirteen cassette tapes. She left specific instructions as to who should receive the tapes, how to listen to them, and when to forward them to the next person on the list. The people who receive the tapes find out while listening what impact, negative or positive, they had on Hannah's life. As Clay listens, he finds out all the factors in her life that conspired against her and led to her sad decision. I loved this book because YA novels that focus on teens with emotional/mental health issues are one of my favorite themes. The series is good, but of course the book should be read first.

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