Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My first private art sale!

This afternoon I have to go take down my artwork from Dos Amigos. It was kind of cool, being able to sit in there and eat fish tacos while seeing my own stuff up on the wall. The best part is that someone contacted me wanting to purchase one of the pieces. I didn't expect to sell anything, but she told me she loved the collage of the bride, and she wanted to buy it as a gift for her friend, who just got engaged. She said the picture was "just her style."

It was such a nice reason for wanting to buy a piece of art, that I couldn't refuse. She offered me $25 for this collage, which I did a couple years ago. The picture of the bride is from a vintage magazine. She was lovely on her own, but I embellished her just a little bit: lace scraps and some type of cast off jewelry piece for her veil, purple flowers for her bouquet along with a lone dangly earring, and a broken stud earring for her diamond ring. Very simple touches, but they look very classic all together.

So although I will miss seeing this little picture in my upstairs hallway, I know I sold it for a good reason and I hope the new owner enjoys it.

Last summer I donated a couple of pieces to a UNH charity art sale, and I felt pretty great when they were bought, but this is the first time I've had someone approach me privately about buying something I created.

It's pretty cool!

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