Monday, February 13, 2017

Snow, Snow and More Snow

We've been hunkered down in the house for days now, as the snow piles up outside. It's easy to go stir crazy under these circumstances but with Netflix and Hulu, and more importantly lots of books and craft supplies, I've been keeping the cabin fever at bay.

Last night I started reading Second Glance by the one and only Jodi Picoult. I bought this book at a thrift shop back in November, and I never got around to reading it. I've read more than a few of her books now, and it amazes me how relatable they are. Last year I read Harvesting the Heart, and it was almost eerie how much the story resembled my own experience. I wrote about it and I even emailed Jodi herself, and she was nice enough to write back to me. Well, she's at it again! I started the book last night thinking "Ghost hunting- that's right up my alley" and on the very first page I find out that the character is hunting a ghost in Oswego, NY! Oswego is where I went to college, met my husband, and where I received my first master's degree. It has a special place in my heart.  So of course now I'm hooked again.

Recently on my Pinterest, Prayer Flags have been coming up. There are some really beautiful ones with hand-dyed fabrics and intricate embroidery, and some of them have real religious significance. I decided to make some that were more about peace and nature, and someday when spring arrives in NH, I'll hang them outside.

This one uses a branch, a vintage doily and lots of colorful ribbon, lace and yarn. The small vintage linen in the center has a dove stitched onto it.

After I made the smaller flag, I decided I want to try a bigger one. This one also uses a branch and vintage doily.  It's a work in progress now, but the details are cut from a vintage handkerchief that got ruined in the washing machine. The stitching in the corners was just too pretty to waste.

This most recent flag has a more finished, shabby chic kind of look to it. Again, I layered some of my vintage linens and I also used some ribbon and fabric tape. This one has a loop in the fabric at the top so it can be hung on a curtain rod.

In my last post I wrote a little bit about where I find inspiration. I recently found a little at Dollar Tree, when I spotted this garden stepping stone. The snow is beautiful to look at, but I'll be glad when spring arrives and I can put out all my garden decorations and funky windchimes.

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