Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Snow Days and Inspiration

Yesterday was another snow day for me. June will be rough making up these days, but right now I am making the most of them. Even though the schools were closed, the daycare was open, and we sent the little monkey in so that we could try to clean the house up a little. We did some cleaning, and I also squeezed in a Daily Burn workout, but I tried to spend most of the day being creative.

Sometimes people ask me about creativity, and how I think of my ideas, etc. and I'm not sure what to tell them. I get inspired in lots of ways. My favorite way is to simply go into a thrift store and look around.

This little sign is painted on a wooden square that I found at the Goodwill Buy the Pound. It had a knob in the center, like the cover of a bread box maybe? But I decided to just paint it. I saw something like on Pinterest a while back, so I decided to do my own version of it.

Pinterest is a wonderful resource for ideas,too. I hear a lot of people call it a "time suck" and I enjoy all the Pinterest fails I see, but it's really just a tool. You can find an idea on Pinterest and do your own version of it- not just copy all the stuff you see other people doing.

I've really come to enjoy mixed media collages because they are a great way to utilize all the little scraps and odd and ends that might not have a place or a use otherwise. Torn lace and stained tea towels, bits of cardboard.   .  .anything goes. Here's one that I started yesterday. I just realized that I have a frame that fits it perfectly, and I rearranged some stuff on it last night, but I love the way it's turning out.

And sometimes inspiration can come from other places. I love listening to the local university's radio station. Not only do I get to bypass all the obnoxious DJ's that just spew a bunch of pop culture 'news', but I get introduced to songs and artists I never would have known about otherwise. I hear this one on my way to work today, and I knew I'd have to listen again:

And I heard this one a couple weeks ago:

Sometimes my husband makes fun of me for listening to songs like "Explicit Content" because they all sound like they're from the Juno soundtrack, but it's better than listening to all the same stuff the other stations play. 

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