Friday, August 5, 2016

So many projects, so little time

Is there such a thing as too much imagination? Too much creativity?

I don't really think so, but sometimes when I have a million idea for different projects, not to mention half a dozen projects already underway, I think that too much creativity robs me of my focus.

I'm exhibiting some of my dollhouses again at the annual Mini Maker Faire in Dover, and I was so indecisive about which houses to bring (and I certainly can't bring all of them) that I actually created a little survey that I posted on my Facebook. Only 11 people participated in it, which is actually 10 more than I expected, but it was actually pretty helpful.

It looks like Ariel's Grotto has to go, because it got alot of votes and it because it matches all the descriptors: made from scratch using recycled materials, sound effects and reflects a cherished story. The Harry Potter shoppe, and The Wizard of Oz also got alot of votes, and even though they are not built from scratch or recycled materials, they do have sound effects, and those are always a hit.

I guess I've never seen another dollhouse that has sound effects.  .  .

And I also plan on bringing Peter Rabbit's burrow, because it's new this year. It doesn't have any built in sound effects, but I did make a QR code to display next to it that leads the viewer to a YouTube video.

So I've been trying to make sure those dollhouses are ready to go, and I also started working on the large Tennyson dollhouse that I got for a buck last year at Goodwill. It's the house from Beetlejuice! I recently made a lot of progress in Lydia's room:

And after I found that miniature lantern decoration that I posted a pic of in my last blog update, I found this little geisha doll in a thrift store:

I started making a little roombox for her.

Despite ALL these projects are demand my attention, I keep thinking of more. I'd really like to try building:

Winnie the Pooh's house, because it would be a challenge to construct a big tree with rooms inside

A pirate cave, to pay homage to all the pirate stories I love, like Peter Pan, Treasure Island, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Goonies. Also, I saw these little purple spotlights at Michael's, and I think they would cast an eerie glow if I could incorporate them and disguise them. I already have a little skeleton, a pirate flag, a little glass bottle with a skull and crossbones on it, and a set of iron keys (not to self: must find a small dog to hold them).

I've also had my eye on this Batgirl figurine:

I'd love to build her her own little Bat Cave, attached to a library (because Barbara Gordon is the head of Gotham City Public Library).

Every librarian should have her own Bat Cave!

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