Monday, December 21, 2015

What's not to love about Christmas cookies?

Especially when the gingerbread men are TIE DYED! Among the snowflakes and snowmen on a cookie platter, this little guy beckoned me. I guess you could call it fate.

When you work in a school, you'll never go hungry. Inside every teachers' room is a fridge where leftovers lurk. But this time of year is especially lethal because the confections are EVERYWHERE. Students bring them in. Teachers bring them in. Librarians bring them in. Parent Groups leave goody bags in our mailboxes, and the freshly baked sugar cookies from Home Ec classroom fill the hallways with their heavenly scent.

By the time I get home on Wednesday afternoon, I will be in a sugar induced coma.

As for this groovy little gingerbread man.  .  .I'll see that he gets a good home.  .  .

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