Friday, December 18, 2015

Dollhouse Nerd-dom

So, my Christmas Story dollhouse, which is currently on display in the library. clearly wasn't complete without a wooden crate bearing everyone's favorite "Italian" word:

It's just made out of large craft sticks, cut to size.

And yesterday at the Scholastic Warehouse sale, I bought a little pack of Halloween themed erasers. The pumpkin with the witch hat on is perfect for The Odd Shoppe,a used bookstore in Hogsmeade (my HP themed dollhouse).

I love when I unexpectedly find things that I can use for this hobby. It can be a very expensive hobby to pursue, which is why I haunt the thrift stores and craft stores, and why I try to make things myself.

This time of year is PERFECT for finding things for this hobby, too. There are so many Christmas tree ornaments that are sized well for dollhouses, and the craft stores tend to have more mini supplies, and even regular toy stores seem to carry more stock of dollhouses and furniture- I guess because dollhouses are such a classic Christmas gift. Not to mention all the little Christmas villages that people love to collect for, as well as Nativity scenes. 

I recently bought a little creche structure at Goodwill for a dollar. I'm not sure what exactly I'm going to do with it, but I'll just wait for inspiration to strike.

Someone in my dollhouse miniature hobby forum (yes, I actually AM that big of a nerd) suggested a little barn sale/flea market stall set up, and I think that'd be fun to try.

It's a little insane how many dollhouses I have. Soon I will be wearing white stretch pants with t-shirts like this:

After I find a fanny pack, I'll really look the part.

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