Friday, October 12, 2012

Shall we floss now, or shall we floss later?

So after I shared my ideas regarding Marxism and teeth with a few friends, we had alot of fun coming up with other examples of how a character's teeth symbolize their socio-economic class and/or morality.

One idea that came up was Austin Powers. Now, I didn't necessarily want to pick this one apart, but it is so obvious that I cannot resist saying just a little bit about it. Austin Powers, bless his crushed-velvet encased heart, is a swinger. He enjoys his lifestyle and takes pride in his promiscuity, which in the 1960's is not necessarily seen as a detrimental trait. His famous teeth, which are crooked and comically horrendous, are definitely intended to make a statement.

"Do I make you randy?"

Now, this initially appears to be a statement about inner-beauty, because the audience comes to find out that Austin is a caring guy, and is actually quite attractive to the ladies despite his teeth. But, for the majority of the film, he IS a swinger, BABY YEAAAHHH!!!!

At the film's conclusion, he is happily monogamous and married, and sporting a newly restored smile. His teeth and nice and white and sparkling, because he has rid himself of the decay associated with sexual promiscuity.

This is getting fun.   . .I wish I'd written a paper on this in grad school.  .  .

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