Tuesday, March 15, 2016

When in Doubt, Work on Your Art Journal!

I feel like maybe this blog is more about art journaling now than library service, but I cannot believe how enjoyable this new hobby is for me. I've never been good at traditional art, like drawing portraits or painting landscapes but I do enjoy exercising the skills that I do have in new ways, and in that spirit, it IS library related because any skill or knowledge that a librarian acquires only help her in her service.

I loved this piece of scrapbooking paper as soon as I saw it, and the lines were just begging for some thoughtful, handwritten words.

For this page, I just decoupaged small parts of discarded book pages, and then decided a silhouette would look nice over them. A tree is one of the only silhouettes I felt I could accomplish.

 This page was fun to make: bits of magazine pages, that had similar colors, decoupaged together in a kind of jagged pattern. Then I made some washi tape by putting regular old scotch tape over some text, and then peeling it off again. And then I had to use some rubber stamps on top.

This page is still a work in progress, but I like the way it looks so far. I tore a full page photo of the Arc de Triomphe from a magazine and glued it down. Then I smeared glue all over the top, and layered single plys of kleenex over it, purposely let it bunch up and rip away. I went over all of it with magenta archival ink, and dipped a paper towel tube in black ink for the circles (they remind me of postal stamps). Then I used the rubber stamp of the typewriter on a separate piece of paper with navy blue ink and glued that on the lower left side. I think it needs a few more flourishes to really achieve the Compendium of Curiosities look that I'm going for.

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