Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More progress in the New Art Journal

I'm really digging the cover of my new art journal. I used a page from a discarded book, tinted with magenta archival ink, cardboard letters on clearance from Michael's (49 cents for the bag!) and some multi colored yarn.

I worked on one of the tie-dye pages, using a 
magazine clipping, cardboard letters, and a frame decal from the dollar store

Most of the poems from this discarded book were religious, 
but I did like this one about finding happiness, so I saved it and used it on a
 page made out of an old calendar. 

I decoupaged a vintage napkin, and used black crayon to draw in the London cityscape behind Paddington. I'm not great at drawing, but this one was fun to do.

Gesso with printed tissue paper on the left, and antique sheet music on the right.

I experimented with acrylic paints and rubbing alcohol on the left, and on the right I drew with Sharpie markers and then added stenciling, and washed it all with the rubbing alcohol.

Gesso with printed tieeue paper, stencils using acrylic paint, and bottlecaps dipped in inkpad colors

An image clipped from Smithsonian: an xray of a mother kissing her baby's head reminded me of this photo taken when John was just a couple months old. The splatters are melted down crayons.

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