Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Oops, I did it again

I saw it at Goodwill, and I have very poor impulse control when it comes to discount books. Even though I binged on it, I still don't feel like I've had enough JP.

I will say that although I liked this book quite a bit, I found the character of Charlotte to be a little less sympathetic than perhaps she is intended to be. The reason for an author to employ multiple characters' POV's is so that the reader can get the whole picture and gain insight into each character, but I didn't find her all that relatable, and I found myself looking more forward to the chapter that were voiced by Amelia, her teenage daughter.

Teen characters often feel more real to me; maybe it's because I work in a middle school. Or maybe it's because I remember being a teen, whereas I am still in the process of being an adult, and it's easier to understand something that's already happened versus something that's still happening.

Or maybe it's because teens are desperately trying to figure out who they are, which is a painfully honest process, and as adult we've already figured it out, but we'd rather lie about it.

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