Saturday, January 23, 2016

More Mini Madness

The mini gods have been good to me lately. By mini gods, I mean the powers that make accessories and supplies for my dollhouse hobby accessible and on sale, not tiny deities/idols. Christmas is always the best time of year for this particular hobby because one of the most popular seasonal purchases is tree ornaments- which are often miniature sized items. Every year as soon as the Hallmark wish book is released, I scour the pages to see if there's anything I absolutely must purchase. Usually, I don't see any must-haves, but I find alot of other cute things that I wouldn't mind having, and then I wait until Christmas is over and they get discounted.

This little rack, with baking accessories hanging from it is a Hallmark ornament from the wish book

The little chair that's painted like an elf is an ornament that I found at a Goodwill, and the box of treats on the table is a Hallmark mini ornament 

and this little mug of hot chocolate by the bed is another Hallmark mini ornament

I was happy enough with those recent finds, which are all benefiting Santa Clause's home. Santa made out like a bandit this year! I just got this house out of storage (aka my parents' basement) in November, and it required some repairs. In about two months, the house was repaired, on display with the landscaping, and more accessories were added.

Santa always had just a radio, but now he has a TV too

And best of all, he got a new lady! This doll was actually an ornament that I found at Goodwill. She was very sad looking, with bright yellow hair and an ugly over-sized red velvet bonnet on top of it. I peeled off the hat, and painted her hair white. 

And then yesterday, I was perusing the clearance aisle at Walmart and I spotted a Bratz doll accessory set. I don't care for those dolls, but they looked very Harry Potter-esque. I couldn't resist. So now the Odd Shoppe also has some new goodies.

Looks like Scabbers/Wormtail/Peter Pettigrew might be trying ro stow away in a Slytherin student's knapsack

The pumpkin w/ the witch hat is actually an eraser that I bought at a Scholastic Books warehouse sale

the Bratz doll hat and scarf

looks like the shop's purveyor, Bartina Bogtrotter, claimed the scarf for herself.

So I hope you enjoyed this latest documentation of my incredible nerdiness. In case you require further proof of it, one of my New Year's resolutions is to enter one of my creations in a dollhouse show.

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