Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween with Paddington Bear

I try to keep this blog professional, but every once in a while I have to do the obligatory Proud Mom post. This was Baby J's first Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I was glad to dress him up in costumes and take him trick or treating a few times.

We'd had his costume since before he was born. My 
godmother sent me a Paddington Bear outfit while I was pregnant. She also included some little yellow welies, but they were too big for his feet. These boots are actually from one of the Paddington bears in his room.

It was fitting that he'd be dressed as Paddington for his first Halloween; Paddington Bear has been kind of a theme for us for the past couple of years. When we took our honeymoon to the British Isles, we had to stop in Paddington station. I had to see the statue and go in the gift shop, where I learned the difference between a true British Paddington, and an American one. Good diplomatic relations made the two types acceptable, but there was a big problem with Paddington pirates:

An ad from 1975

 I brought my own (American, but official) Paddington with us on the trip. He became kind of a mascot for us, and every place we went, we bought a pin to put on his coat. He even got his own miniature Paddington bear (very meta).

So even though it's not Thursday, here's a throwback to 2013:

I'mnot sure when or if I'll ever get back to merry old England, but in the meantime "It's nice having a bear about the house."

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