Thursday, May 21, 2015

Supergirl= Andy Sachs with a Cape?

I admit to being out of the loop alot in regard to upcoming films and tv shows. Since we don't have cable, I don't see previews on TV, just on the Intenet.

I was psyched to see a trailer for the new Supergirl show online today! I didn't realize a series about her was in the making, but I'm especially excited because I just recently read the Superman/Batman comic book which explains  her origin.

As I watched the trailer though, I definitely got the chick flick vibe from it. The part with getting her boss's coffee seemed straight out of The Devil Wears Prada.

I think it's fantastic that FINALLY, a superheroine is getting her story told.`I mean, Supergirl has been around since 1959! We've had how many TV shows and films about her cousin, so it's long overdue. But I'm not sure if the chick flick feel is going to work for her or against her. 

I'm not saying that Supergirl shouldn't have her own regular, Earth girl issues, like not loving her job, being a little socially awkward, especially around men, etc. but I fear that marketing her story this way is going to alienate (ha, get it?) male audiences. Women will watch superhero stories with no problem, but men are often reluctant to watch chick flicks and girly shows.

I hope that it's is better than the trailer lets on, Perhaps then Supergirl will blaze the trail for more women from Krypton, Gotham City and  Themyscira to have their stories told.

Personally, I am waiting for the day when Batgirl gets own deluxe treatment.

Librarian by day, crime fighter at night.  .  .

Heck, I'll make it myself if I gotta- I already have a Batgirl costume!

Every librarian should.

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