Monday, April 2, 2012

For the Love of Covers

In my History of Children's Book Publishing course, I was recenly asked to find "the most beautiful book." I had to write a paper defending my choice, and the book could only be a year or two old. This assignment was all based on aesthetics: the dustjacket, the casewrap, the type of paper used, the font, etc.

I had planned to choose a YA book because their covers are so beautiful and interesting so I went to a B&N store to have a look around. I found one book with a cover that looks strikingly like another one I'd seen:

Unlovable was published in January of 2011, and Between was published the following August.

I can't help but wonder the reason between the strong resemblance. I haven't read either book, I just like the covers.

What is it about girls on swings? It should look innocent because of its hearkening back to childhood, but both of these covers are meant to make us somewhat uncomfortable. If the upside down grey cloudy sky in Between doesn't exude a sense of foreboding, surely the swampy cemetery scene in Unlovable does.

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  1. Being into the indie author word, I've seen this countless times. Publishers want to cash in on the success of a certain book, so they try to create covers strikingly similar (remember when "Twilight" got big? All of the supernatural romance books had the same covers - black with a close up of something).

    The other reason, at least in the indie publishing world, is that a lot of covers are created with stock photos.