Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Historic Cliff's Schoolhouse in Maryland

This historic one room schoolhouse is located on Quaker Neck Road in Kent County, Maryland, the same road that I lived on for three years.

I don't remember exactly how we discovered the little structure, but I do remember that I drove by it multiple times while we lived down there, and it was never open. There was a sign on the door that said the building was open by appointment, so I assumed it was only opened and staffed for specific events, like school visits.

We decided to drive by it on our recent trip, and much to our surprise, it was open!

We ventured in, and there was one man in there, who was restoring the blackboards. We'd just happened to catch him while he was working, and he was nice enough to let us have a quick look and snap some pictures.

It was exciting for me to see inside 10 years after I first found the little school, and I always have a soft spot for one room schoolhouses. This little school was built in 1878, and was in use until 1939. The building is preserved in its original state, and is furnished with many of its original desks. Other items such as maps, school books, slates and other period items have been donated to contribute to its authenticity.

Photographs from the school's early days hang in the entry way:

and visitors undoubtedly gasp and giggle over the "1915 Rules for Teachers":

Suffice it to say, I would not have been a very good teacher in 1915. 

Loitering in ice cream parlors is something I'm known for.

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