Sunday, April 10, 2016

Gotta Love Those Little Girl Ghosts

Footsteps in the night. An old home with a dark history. Little girl ghosts. Demon possession. This book's got it all:

This is the kind of book I love. There's no waffling about, no trying to trick the reader into thinking there's a ghost only to discover that it was a sheet flapping on the clothesline (I'm looking at YOU, Nancy Drew!).  .  .we know there's a ghost pretty much from the beginning. We know that it's a creepy little girl ghost who wanders around in a wet dress and makes light bulbs explode.

The fun comes in not finding out if there IS a ghost, but WHY there's a ghost, and what's going to happen to it.

For fans of Mary Downing Hahn and Dan Poblocki, this book satisfies those of us who love a good old-fashioned ghost story (no vampires, zombies, witches or circus freaks allowed)

And I didn't know until I googled the book to get the cover image that there's a sequel to it:

The sequel was just released about a month ago, and now it's on my reading list.

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