Monday, February 4, 2013

Women with Baggage

I love how Netflix has a 'memory' of what kinds of shows and movies I enjoy watching. Last year, I wanted to revisit the 90's, so I watched My So-Called Life. Since that show has only a single season, my viewing didn't last very long. From there, Netflix recommended Felicity. That show begins in the late 90's and continues into the early 2000's, so I have a special fondness for it because that is the time period when I, like Felicity, put my high-school life behind me and went away to college.

I recently re-watched a few episodes, and once again Netflix had a new recommendation for me. I am working my way through the CW series Hart of Dixie, which turns out to be very addictive. I liked Rachel Bilson already from watching The OC, and I am a sucker for stories about women who feel like outcasts initially, and then learn to adapt to new surroundings and in the process, open themselves up to new people and new experiences.

I remember seeing previews for the show on TV (back when I still had TV), and the first thing that caught my attention was the ad picture. It immediately reminded me of two other stories that featured a woman, who is thrown out of her usual life into surroundings that she is not used to and does not appreciate.  .  .

 I guess I am not the only person who enjoys these sentimental stories about women falling in love and "finding themselves" in a place where they wouldn't expect to, but I think this story needs a new symbol for advertising because the 'woman with her suitcases' thing is getting a bit overdone.

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